Sleep training your baby

I have been struggling for well .. ever since Mia was born with the lack of sleep and one day a couple of weeks ago after bouncing for 4 hours on and off on the physio ball trying to get her to sleep, to me then losing my shit and just putting her on the […]

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Bad mummy

So here it is. Most days when I take my son Lior to nursery, Mia is still asleep, and so is my husband, so I leave her in bed. The past few days she has been waking up really early and so when I go to take him, she ends up screaming and waking my […]

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To chop or not

This is most probably the most ridiculous post, and still, it’s something that is actually keeping me awake at night. My son Lior is 2 years and 7months, not yet had a hair cut. He has amazing tight bouncy ringlet hair and it’s so long, when it’s wet it’s half way down his back. Most […]

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Baby/child development

Well it’s been a while since my last post. Lots has been going on. I went to England for a week and a half with Mia (my now 5 month old baby) . I went to England to visit friends and family, and to get away from the day to day routine of life. I […]

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